Ben Maden founded Matter Solutions in April 2000 and remains the lead web consultant today. While Matter Solutions originated in London, UK, the company took on Australian clients when Ben emigrated to Brisbane in November 2006.

Role at Matter Solutions

Director and do-er of things. Ben does lots of different things… roughly in order of frequency the tasks he performs include…

  • Working with clients and prospective clients to plan projects
  • Communicating plans with team members and project managing progress
  • Coaching team members
  • Coding – Headphones on and coding funky (mostly back-end) stuff
  • SysAdmin – Keeping the infrastructure humming along
  • Blogging – Writing about stuff that happens and how to do things

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    • Qualifications

      • 2008 to Present – Qualified Google Adwords Professional
      • 2004 – Degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cass Business School, London
      • 1998 – Degree of Master of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering from The City University, London.
    • Favourites

      MP3 Voice Recorder (my dictaphone)

      TV Show
      IFISH, Robson’s Extreme Fishing

      Place to Eat
      Pizza Capers, Ghandi Curry House, Nandos, Grill’d, GYG

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