• Martin Ingle

    Video Specialist - Design


The most traumatic event of Martin “Mingle” Ingle’s childhood was when, while shooting a masterpiece action movie on a camping trip, he fell and broke the family video camera – an event he could never forgive himself for. Needless to say, he’s been tied to all things film and video ever since. One of these days he’ll repay his parents.

Check out the development of his independent transmedia documentary at http://intothemiddleofthings.com.au/

Role at Matter Solutions

If it moves, shakes, sings or speaks, Mingle’s got it covered. Video, photography, animation, graphic design and just a little bit of ukulele.

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    • Qualifications

      • Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production
    • Favourites

      TV Show
      The Wire

      Place to Eat
      Anywhere with burritos and afternoon sun

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