Tom dreams in SEO, thinks in SEO, and probably somehow eats SEO as well. His love/hate relationship with Google is well documented in the countless top 10 rankings he’s maintaining (and adding) on a national level.

Role at Matter Solutions

Tom joined in 2016 as the SEO Director. Keeping sight of the bigger picture, he makes sure our clients get the organic visibility they deserve! He also manages a portfolio of test-sites to experiment on with innovative SEO strategies. The successful techniques get transferred and used to boost the rankings of our clients, the unsuccessful get analysed, learned from, and re-tested with different parameters. This allows him to stay ahead of the curve at all times.

    • Favourites


      TV Series:
      Westworld, Scrubs, GoT, Cosmos, and many many more.

      Place to eat:
      Siri Thai, Sushi Edo