With over six years experience in the Film, Video, and Broadcast Industry our Video Team has developed a keen ability to capture key business messages and partner them with striking visuals.

Whether it’s Concept Development, Filming, Sound recording, Editing, Motion Graphic Design, or even Distribution. Our Video Team has done it all.

Thanks to a flexible balance they continue to improve their skills working at Matter Solutions, as well as staying up to date with the industry by Freelancing.

Role at Matter Solutions

The Video Team is made up of several different roles, but their key responsibilities are developing content for and managing the Matter Solutions Youtube Channel, and creating powerful and engaging content for the Matter Clients.

Our Video Team are a support tool that everyone at Matter Solutions uses to add Video Content to our Clients Digital Strategy.

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    • Favourites

      Adobe After Effects, Lightroom

      Movies & Shows
      “I’m So Damn Glad” Short Documentary and obviously the Matter Solutions Youtube as well

      Place to eat
      Ben’s Burgers in West End but they closed…