All the link building strategies in the world

Last week I decided that it was time to branch out and find bigger and better ways to link build. As much as I enjoy Outreach link building and the quality of links that it can provide, the conversion rate and the amount of time it takes had me pretty close to losing the plot. In my exploratory journey, I discovered a blog post from the guys at Point Blank SEO with all the link building strategies known to man. I had hit a gold mine. Here are just a few that stood out to me.

Infographic Submissions

A great way to get interesting content across the web are Infographics. Not everyone wants to sit down and read a thousand words on a mind numbing topic- so make it into something that people can’t help but read and share! At Matter, we have a very talented graphic designer who is looking into designing infographics for both ourselves and a number of our clients. Once the image is created, we can submit these images to a collated list of infographic directories that Paddy Moogan has kindly offered. This is a great way to get links because there’s no issue with duplicate content and it’s more engaging for people to like and share.

Video Submissions

With the current technology available to us at the tip of our fingers, many people are looking for different ways to create their content. Video is another great way to engage viewers or potential clients. Same kind of deal with infographics in the sense that it’s more interesting and can increase interactions either on your site or over social media. The best list of video directories are here.


We all like to laugh, so why not use that to our advantage to get links. Create something that is funny whether it be a meme, parody, an article, spoof or industry joke. Not only does this increase readers interactions and will organically encourage them to share your content but it will also help define your brand image as something likeable.

At the end of the day, relationship building is still the #1 strategy but it shouldn’t be your only tactic. Try something new and mix it up- I know I will be.