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    What does it take to get on top in the dental industry? The best service? The highest skilled practitioners? The answer is all of these, but what use is this if no one can find you when they need you the most? – Answer BETTER SEO FOR DENTISTS!

    If you’ve built your practice you’re proud of, here at Matter Solutions we offer the SEO services needed to take it to the next level.

    Why Does Your Dental Surgery Need SEO?

    Dentistry is a challenging degree to obtain, and between learning all there is to know about root canals and fillings, they probably didn’t cover just how important your online presence is in the digital age.

    What does this mean?

    This gap in general marketing knowledge has created great opportunities for dental practices to capitalise on a wealth of potential customers. How? This is where dental SEO services can help.

    What this also means, is there’s a vacuum in the market and huge potential to take advantage of it. Getting in today is the best way to get ahead of the competitors in your area before they too maximise on the untapped potential search engine optimisation affords.

    We’ve worked with multiple Brisbane dental surgeries, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. With a small investment you can have a business that outranks and outperforms your competitors in terms of website performance, web traffic, rankings and conversions.

    Get more business for less with Matter Solutions.

    Brisbane SEO Competitor Analysis

    Target Your Next Customer

    Target your next customer for your dental practice at the time when they are searching for the treatment or clinic they need. 31% of people click on the first result of Google on average. This is over twice the amount of 2nd place. First place in Google acquires almost 8 times the amount of clicks as the entire second page and nearly 20 times that of the 3rd page.

    What Does This Mean For You

    You now have the ability to target these potential customers when they are actively looking for your service – all you need to do is be there and they will click onto you.

    Why Matter Solutions?

    15 years of seo experienceEvery industry is different, and at Matter Solutions we have more experience than anyone at getting businesses in the dental industry the results they need to be more competitive and build a bigger client base.

    Our experienced and motivated team have worked extensively with Brisbane dentists to improve customer relations, website satisfaction and of course, keyword performance. We target local and regional results to ensure you get the most exposure possible in the markets that matter.

    We also understand the rules and regulations to keep your practice safe when marketing and performing SEO. Rules such as no reviews allowed and the use of expert vs specialist will be adhered to and used to our advantage when marketing to give you the edge over your competition.

    Ethical SEO for Long Lasting Results

    Our techniques are proven by our results, and you can rely on them to be long lasting and sustainable. We employ proven and effective methods, where results are reflected in your business. We don’t cut corners and we never give up until a dental practice is ranking and performing the way you want it.

    Our Results

    Ranking improvements in Brisbane

    This client has a hard time moving their website to the first page of Google, even though they had been in business for a number of years. With the help from our SEO team, we were able to move his average rankings from page 4 to position 4 on the first page of Google. We were able to achieve this within 3 months of starting work for this client.

    How seo and web design increase rankings

    The new website we created improved user experience, resulting in a 30% drop in bounce rate (from 70+% to ~40%). The improved bounce rate from the new website combined with our SEO efforts was rewarded by Google with an increase in organic traffic. We saw traffic rise by 12x in only 4 months (from June to October). The client is currently ranking #1 for a wide span of their main local keywords.


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