• Video Production

    Nowadays, web video is a fundamental part of a diverse and engaging online presence for any business.

  • In the digital climate, web video plays a fundamental part of creating a diverse and engaging online presence for any business. Whether it’s social engagement, informative promotional videos, video ad campaigns or quirky and subversive viral videos, having great video content can really make you stick out from the crowd and give your brand much sought after longevity.

    With video, you have the freedom to let your imagination run wild and produce original, entertaining and engaging content for your current and potential clients. Videos are a fantastic way to get your unique ideas across in an easy to digest way, executed with creative flair and personal connection that is hard to achieve via other mediums.

    As a Brisbane Digital Marketing Agency, we recognise the importance of video. We currently boast a full production service to cater to all your video marketing needs. With a professional in-house studio and all the lighting, camera and sound equipment ready to go, we’re always eager to work with any new, exciting people at the highest professional standard.

    Working with a number of clients throughout the Brisbane region, our video production service is highly flexible, catering to your location and vision. We work to deliver and execute content that aligns with the ideals, principles and products of your business, marketing them in the most effective and compelling manner.

    Endless Possibilities

    With video, you’re only limited by your imagination. Here’s a selection of the wide variety of videos we’ve produced for clients in the past


    Motion graphics animations are beautiful, creative ways of getting your message across in a way that is highly visually engaging, but also flexible for whatever your needs may be. The ability to express ideas through iconography, text, colour and movement can work even better when combined with voiceover narration to really tell your story.

  • #YellNo Campaign

    We needed a short, punchy and incredibly engaging video to alert people to the environmental impact and general waste caused by print directories.

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  • Australia Wide First Aid

    Automated External Defibrillator

    The statistics for death when cardiac arrest strikes were so alarming that a thought-provoking motion graphics video was ideal for sending the message home.

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  • What is Matter Solutions?

    Business Informational Video

    When telling people about your business or product, it helps if you don’t bore them. Get straight to the point – and why not make it fun?

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    Customer Testimonial Videos

  • Strong testimonials from several customers can be the difference between a business that is seen as a “pretender” and one that is the “real deal”; somebody who has such a strong relationship with their customers that they are eager to publicly sing their praises.

    If you’re looking for a quick, effective way to emotionally engage with potential clients from the first time they hear about you, then you should think about VIDEO TESTIMONIALS. Here are some customer testimonial videos we’ve produced for clients recently:

  • Proactive IT

    We spent a day travelling around with Brett of Proactive IT and it was clear from the very beginning that his customers were the backbone of his business… and they love him.

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  • My Wealth Solutions

    If you have strong relationships with your clients or customers, you’ll often find they can’t wait to sing your praises if you give them an opportunity.

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    On location/event video

    If you have a specific idea for a video, or want to do something a little bit special, why not get creative? Talk to us about your business and together we can develop some fantastic ways of telling your story or promoting you in ways that are entertaining and fun for the audience to watch.

  • BMXer Dale O’Brien visits Yakima

    Yakima is an exciting international company, and their idea to temporarily turn their warehouse into a BMX park for a world-class rider was too good to resist.

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    Piece to Camera

    We have a full studio setup here at Matter, complete with professional lighting and camera equipment, and white, black and green screens for compositing. If you’d like to give your message to your customers directly, come in to our studio and you can deliver a piece to camera. (And don’t worry, if you’re not used to being on camera, we’ll guide you through it… it’s a lot easier than it looks!)

  • Introducing Docto

    Docto is Australia’s first online telemedicine hospital, and so we knew their potential patients needed to see the friendly and professional face behind such a high-stakes service.

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  • Explaining The Foveal View

    If you have some information you’d like to get across, whether it’s informative, selling or educational, you can come into our studio for a professional and fun shoot like this one.

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    Just drop us a line to talk about how we can craft some great video content unique to your needs!

  • For video, we charge out at a simple rate based on the time your video needs us for. This always depends on your specific needs. Each video will have very different requirements, and a different delivery timeline, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to talk through what we can achieve for you.

    • Half Day Video

      Video content requires diligence. If you’re lacking the budget and time, we can accommodate. The investment is extremely worthwhile. Google highly values video production for brands, adhering to this notion can help your visibility and exposure in search results.

      We cater to:

      • Productions of all sizes
      • Re-edits of footage
      • Interview or testimonial shoots
      • Video direction & assistance

      Getting video content right is not easy. We’re here to help create, refine and optimise your footage to effectively market your business. DIY, while saving on cost, can be lead to a product that’s more detriment than anything else. When it comes to video, regardless of scale, choose wisely and employ skills professionals.




      • One Off

        $800 + GST

    • Full Day Video

      We can all attest to the power of moving images, as we’ve all experienced it. Our video production team is flexible and readily available to cater to your creative needs and vision. We can accommodate multiple locations as well as various content to produce compelling and engaging material that markets your business and products.

      We supply:

      • Full service video production – concept though to execution
      • Flexibility; cater to multiple locations
      • Quick editing turnaround
      • Engaging video that builds business profile

      We provide video production for a diverse range of clients and content. Our team is highly equipped to ensure optimum quality and time management. It’s surprising what can be achieved in a day, like something out of a film.

      • One Off

        $1350 + GST

  • Something custom?

    Often it’s hard to apply a blanket rule to every video as there’s so much variation in what you might require and the sheer variety of options available to you. Give us a call to talk through your specific needs!


    But Why Video?

    With a simple video strategy, you can:

  • Connect with your customers in an engaging, creative way
    Drastically increase conversion rate and page dwell time (which is also great for your SEO!)
    Inject a personal, human element to your website
    Get Creative – explore your business’ creative mission. What do you stand for? What message do you want to send to the world?
    Endless possibilities, multiple formats – Have you considered motion graphics/animation, education/informational videos, piece-to-camera, customer testimonials, viral video, video blogs, staff & office virtual tour…
    Stand out from the competition – a lot of people are still to catch on to how great video can be in their web presence… so you can stay one step ahead.

    Why be viral when you can be incurable?

  • Some people think that success with online video is all about hitting it big with one viral video. The truth is that while this is possible, the vast majority of people who see long-term success with online video approach it with a much bigger picture in mind.

    Incorporating video into your online marketing strategy isn’t necessarily just about the video you’re making, it’s about much more than that. Here are some essential questions to ask yourself when thinking about your online video:

    1. Where are people going to be watching?

      On social media (Youtube, Facebook Video)? Through a video embedded on your website or blog? Will they be watching on desktop or on their mobile? Have you adapted for this?

    2. What will people get out of it?

      After watching your video, what do you want people to do? Visit your website? Fill out a survey? Engage with you socially?

    3. Where does this fit in your wider marketing strategy?

      Is the video going to be branded in accordance with your other content? What tone are you hoping to strike, and does this fit with your brand? Is your video supported by peripheral content that will ensure people find what they’re looking for?

    As with all good online marketing, the proof of the pudding is in the long-term results. This means that true success is measured in the staying power of your video’s engagement with your core audience, rather than any instant hit. Video can form a vibrant and fundamental part of how you consistently connect with people online. Don’t miss out on what it can achieve for you.

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