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    Email marketing is one of the most cost effective communication methods a business can utilise for inbound marketing.

    Email marketing campaigns give you the opportunity to distribute information to a wide audience of specific, potential customers at a specific, effective time, all at a relatively competitive rate.  Regular communication allows you to remain in the forefront of customer’s minds even before they’re “activated”, that is looking for your service. When they do need you, you’re the first one in their head.

    In 2014, econsultancy confirmed that across their industry, survey email marketing remained the most cost effective channel for Return on Investment (ROI).

    • Email Marketing (EDM)

      Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) are usually simple direct messages to your customers about a product or service on offer right now. They can also assume the role of more complex streams of messaging or even fulfil the role of monthly, newsletters. EDM also provides valuable insights and analytics into how users relate to the content of your business and its respective products.

      Our packages offers:

      • Content creation & Strategy
      • Planning & Scheduling
      • Analysis of data & user interaction
      • Refining of approach and execution

      We provide effective EDM packages to maintain contact with existing and prospective customers. Our team boasts proven experience in developing effective EDM campaigns that yield results. In the rapidly growing and complex digital market,  a simple email can be the tactic that helps kick-start conversions.

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