• Getting Started

    Are you ready to *work* on something really great?

    You have objectives

    You know what you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term. We particularly like working with clients who want to make the web a sustainable advantage over their competitors.

    You have a team

    We have had great success working with solo-entrepreneurs but the most successful of those have been team players, and have worked to build their business’ resources and capabilities throughout the project.

    Going it alone is not something we recommend.

    You have a budget

    You’re able to invest seriously in the work we propose.

    Consider a taxi ride home after a great big night out. It is Saturday morning at 2am, you only have $20 because you lost your wallet, you know that a taxi ride home will cost $40+.

    If only you had your phone you could get an Uber, but you can’t. You have some options:-

    Wait for the first bus.
    Call your parents. Seriously?
    Take a taxi and walk halfway home.
    Take a taxi and hope the driver will take pity on you.

    We’re upfront in every situation and in some cases people would call us blunt, you need to be clear about what you want, i.e. the objectives, and we need to be clear with you about what you need to invest to see results.

    Doing it right is so much more rewarding for everyone, you, us and your customers.

    You have time for us

    We’re often asked by clients how long their project will take. Fast. We’re good, we’re in demand and we’re fast.

    The standard joke between web developers is “How many projects do you have clients dragging the chain on delivering content?” If your shopping around for a website ask a few. They might laugh but it just isn’t funny and it isn’t much of a joke.

    Carrying stale old projects likes this is a big problem for web design companies. They can shrug it off but doing the work and not issuing a bill puts them, and your project at serious risk.

    If you’re worried that we will not put up with you not meeting your own commitments than that’s good, you should be. Our process generates results and if you can work with us it’ll be awesome for you and us.

    If you mess us about you’re likely to get fired or handed a website full of lorum-ipsum text. We will train you on how to edit it but we bill when we finish our work, not when we’ve finished waiting for you to do yours.

    Need more convincing? Consider hiring a builder. Someone to put an extension on your house. He does a great job. It looks just like the plans you signed off on, you’re thrilled. But you haven’t chosen your carpets and curtains, so it isn’t finished. Are you going to tell the builder that you won’t pay for the walls, the floor, the foundations and their time? 🙂