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    Deciding on the best hosting for your website can be tricky! If you have a WordPress website, we have a few providers listed below who we can recommend. If you are looking for website hosting for other platforms, we have reviewed 7 different website hosting providers here.

  • Hosts Website


    Hosts Email


    Hosting Speed












    Automatic WP Upgrades


    Manual WP Upgrades


    Fixes Website If Hacked


    Server Locations




    Global (Singapore Servers)




    From $350/quarter
    Annual pricing available




    Our Comments


    We setup and manage absolutely everything – easy! We do all the upgrades and manage WordPress for you so you don’t even need to think about it. We use an Enterprise Pressidium Account with a cluster of 5 servers to house our many clients.

    This is the same supplier we use for our hosting+security service, we highly recommend Pressidium. They are a very good premium option for WordPress websites when you’re happy to do your own upgrades.

    Best global host. Singapore servers are fast. Support is great even during Australian hours.

    Great for small businesses in Australia. Would look towards one of the other three for medium/large sized websites.

    Hosting with Matter

  • Our bundled security and hosting service goes far beyond hosting alone and provides a complete solution to free you from any worries about hackers and upgrades. Typically, hosting providers will offer you packages with more than you need. Matter offers you a package that gives you what you need with no hidden catches.

    What We Include

    1. All the upgrades to WordPress core
    2. We upgrade the plugins in your website
    3. We’ll alert you if there any issues with the items 1 or 2, and
    4. We will fix any hacks for you free of charge (during office hours)
    5. We automatically back-up the website daily and retain for roughly two weeks.
    This is available to anyone whether we built your WordPress website or not.

    Website Maintenance

  • We’re here to help you manage your website and get the most from it, proactively too, if that’s what you want.

    If you want to use your own hosting but want our experts to look after your WordPress website on your very own hosting the following packages can offer this and more.

    If you are on our hosting and security service (details above) then any time spent on security and systems admin work comes from that package…. time paid for in the following packages is used for any or all of the following:-

    • Add and edit content
    • add and optimise blog posts
    • add and configure enquiry forms
    • check your stats and give recommendations about what we would do
    • SEO consulting
    • Speed testing and optimisation
    • Installation of hotjar.com (customer insights tool) and analysis of the data

    Proactive too: If you don’t use the allotted time we’ll recommend things to do, just say yes and they’ll be done… if you let the time lapse you lose it, we don’t let you bank it up.

    Website Maintenance Packages

    Option Quarterly exGST
    2.5h / quarter $380
    6h / quarter $850
    More POA

    Contact us today or phone us on (07) 3117 2300 to find out more.

    Other Hosting Options

  • If you would prefer to go with another host you can see our recommendations in our table above. All of the hosts we have suggested are the best and most trusted in the business. Reliability and support are the most important factors when choosing a host and we have dealt with each of these hosts extensively.

    What We Can Do For You

    Moving hosts can often be scary and most people opt to stay with their current host with fear of further issues when switching. We are here to help! We can manage the switch from your old host and setup on your new host, without any of the hassles.

    If you would like us to manage your host switch we can discuss your options, contact us or give us a call on (07) 3117 2300.