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    Aarons Outdoor Living has a massive range of Australian made backyard solutions – from home studios & sheds to cubby houses for the kids; from outdoor entertainment areas including Bali Huts and Thatches, to additional space for work or storage with our Timber Workshops.


  • The main goal for the new website was to empower users to find information easily and to educate them on the entire process – from selecting available options to delivery and installation.

    There was a lot of work to be done and we were only too happy to aid them in this aspect. Aarons Outdoor Living wanted to move the site away from the cluttered presentation it had previously to something cleaner, so we worked hard to bring their vision to life.

  • Technologies Used

    We used a range of technologies to build a high quality, professional website with the desired functionalities.

    • WordPress

      Content Management System

    • Sass

      CSS Pre-processing

    • GruntJS

      Javascript Task Runner

    • ACF

      Multiple Content Types for WordPress

    • Adobe Photoshop

      Professional Design Software

    • SVG

      Scalable Vector Graphics

  • The Result

    The new design is clean and fresh, with a clear visual hierarchy to encourage easy scanning of information. Visually separated sections allow users to find the products most relevant to them. The website loads much faster, cutting the number of file requests by over 50% and optimising images and code files for delivery.


    Responsive Design

  • Navigation is essential for the sort of site we were creating, so these were aspects we really focused on.

    The new site is clean and modern and every aspect of it is easy to locate. Notably, the site is better optimised for mobile, with a leaner code base and faster load times, so people who need to access it while away from a desk can do so just as easily as anyone else. A crisp, clean, attractive style is important, but more so is the ability to find what you need and utilise the information you find.


    Encouraging Exploration

    To encourage users to explore the different products within a range, we display a large feature image, icons to outline key features and a description to provide further detail. Each of these different sections has an associated colour that we maintain throughout the design elements on the product page.

    We used a modular interface when designing the site, which makes it highly customisable. Aarons Outdoor Living can tweak the structure of pages and create new ones with ease, all while keeping the design consistent and manageable.

  • Aarons Outdoor Living

    Curious? Don’t just take our word for it – head over to the website to see the results for yourself.

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