• Domestic Violence Hotline Queensland


    DVConnect is a critical resource for domestic violence prevention and intervention in Queensland. We were impressed with the drive they had and the positive impact they were trying to make. So we helped to build them a fantastic new website on a Pro Bono basis, to help them provide their valuable service to as many people as possible as effectively as possible.


  • What DVConnect needed from their new site was a responsive, up-to-date presentation and interface that allowed users to find what they needed as quickly as possible.

    There was a lot of work to be done, and we were only too happy to aid them in this aspect. DVConnect wanted to move the site away from the heavy and dark presentation it had previously to something lighter and more vibrant to reflect a place of hope instead, so we worked hard to bring their vision to life.



  • Technologies Used

    We used a range of technologies to build a high quality, professional website with the desired functionalities.

    • WordPress

      Content Management System

    • GruntJS

      Javascript Task Runner

  • The Result

    The new design is as sensitive and motivating as possible; it recognises and addresses the issue of domestic violence, but instead of dwelling on the effects of the crime, it proactively focuses on solutions for those looking for aid instead.


    Improved User Experience

    DVConnect came up with the innovative “Quick Exit” button.

  • This simple tool is a button which, when clicked, takes the user from the DVConnect site and back to a clean Google search page.

    We loved the idea, but thought we had a way to make it even better.

    The new version of the button moves as the page is scrolled down, meaning that no matter where you are on the site, the button will be in exactly the same place on the screen at all times. In high pressure situations when a victim may need to hide their browsing from an aggressive partner, this is an absolutely essential resource. It made a great tool even better.


    Responsive Design

  • Navigation and mobile use are essential for the sort of site we’re creating, so these were aspects we really focused on.

    The new site is clean and modern and every aspect of it is easy to locate. Critically, the site is now optimised for mobile, so people who need to access it while away from a desk can do so just as easily as anyone else. A crisp, clean, attractive style is important, but more so is the ability find what you need and utilise the information you find.

    Encouraging Donations

    DVConnect exists to help others, and for that reason they rely on help themselves to stay afloat. We prominently placed “Donate Now” buttons at the top and bottom of pages to remind visitors that there was something they could do to help the cause.

    Getting the site design right for such an important resource was critical, and we’re very proud of what we achieved for DVConnect – helping them to continue to do good digitally on such an important and serious issue.

  • Support DVConnect

    Take a look at the DVConnect website, and if you are able to please donate to support DVConnect’s continued good work.

    Visit DVConnect