Hemp Factory

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    Hemp Factory has a mission to educate everyone on the nutritional, therapeutic, and environmental benefits of cannabis in all forms. Nutrition is the most important aspect to improving overall health physically and mentally.


  • What Hemp Factory needed from their website was a responsive eCommerce solution that allowed their customers to find and purchase products quickly and easily.

    The new website design needed to reflect the natural and professional image of the brand. We crafted a design system to ensure that the all pages of the website would align to the brand guidelines and requirements.


    Button Styles

    We settled on some simple, flat buttons with rounded corners and a border detail to match the look and feel of the logo.

    Masthead & Navigation

    One of the unique design pieces we decided on was the slanted header for larger screens. This matches the product designs and gives the website visual interest, while drawing the eye into the page.

  • Technologies Used

    We used a range of technologies to build a high quality, professional website with the desired functionalities.

    • WordPress

      Content Management System

    • Sass

      CSS Pre-processing

    • GruntJS

      Javascript Task Runner

    • Advanced Custom Fields

      Multiple Content Types for WordPress

    Responsive Design

  • More users are purchasing goods and services on their mobile devices, so it was essential that the purchase flow was optimised across the different viewport sizes.

    The product pages were designed to include all the details users would need to make decisions about their purchases, including nutritional information. Recipes using the products also appear on the product pages to showcase some of the many possibilities for everyday use and encourage users to return for further ideas.

    Professional Imagery

    Having a professional photographer take shots of the products elevates them above standard stock photography, giving Hemp Factory a unique edge and ensuring users get a true feel for the product.


  • Striking a balance between engaging content and ensuring the pages load quickly is an important factor in the eCommerce purchase flow, as well as reducing the number of users bouncing from the pages.

    By using the design system we crafted and following website performance best practices, the result is a website that loads quickly and scored 95/100 on Google’s Pagespeed Insights for larger screens.

  • Hemp Factory

    Curious? Don’t just take our word for it – head over to the website to see the results for yourself.