• Premium quality solutions for incontinence


    Ontex Healthcare provides premium quality solutions across adult incontinence aids, continence management, baby care and feminine hygiene products to aged care facilities, hospitals and homecare consumers.


  • Ontex Australia required clarity across their brand options in a new and responsive website to cater to the various devices and screensizes of today.

    There existed separate sites for each of the main brands previously, and within discussions it was realised that to be able to best manage these and promote the service range clarity it was best to bring them together under the single Ontex Healthcare Australia domain: http://www.ontexhealthcare.com.au/.

    Matter’s expertise was used to provide a clear and efficient structure for each page and area of the site with the focus on User Experience requirements for each of the target audience personas.


    Button Styles

    Header and Hero
  • Technologies Used

    We used a range of technologies to build a high quality, professional website with the desired functionalities.

    • WordPress

      Content Management System

    • Sass

      CSS Pre-processing

    • GruntJS

      Javascript Task Runner

    • Advanced Custom Fields

      Multiple Content Types for WordPress


    The new website for Ontex and it’s brands required clarity and insight for a number of visitors and user types as well, these ranged from:

    • Non-medical professionals such as personal Carers of family

    • Family researching for loved ones and best options available

    • Health and Medical Professionals as Private Carers

    • Health and Medical Professionals working for Institutions

  • Information Mix

    The mix of information needed was also wide needing to cater for non-technical, non-medical individuals doing research for themselves or others, as well as those Health and Medical professionals that required more or further technical information that they’d be used to dealing with on a day-to-day basis. This required a granulation of information between areas of the website and brand areas to allow for easy ‘drill down’ into this content when and where required.


    The new website was to clearly provide the ability to investigate each brand Ontex presents for the Australian Market as well as a clear presentation of the Products on offer per brand.

  • As we uncovered in the initial meetings and project discovery session, which we hold at the start of each and every website build we take on board, it was clear that the Products had various line items of size and function and we needed to take this on board and have a clear way this could be outlined.

  • Product Options

    Unifying Display Aspects

    Based on existing print documentation, we wanted to make sure there was a unified feeling between offline content and online content – reviewing the current print documentation that covers the outline of product options per brand and their breakdowns, we leveraged this to tie together and show the options visually for the website also.

    This included aspects like:

    • What is the product best suited for?
    • What are the benefits of the products?
      Icons were used for this that were brand aligned for each Ontex brand as well as clearly presenting on ‘listing pages’ to allow effective comparisons to occur before clicking through to product detail pages.
    • What sizes and options per product are available to order or request a sample?

  • Product Finder

    Selection-wizard flow

    To aid in visitor’s understanding of the product solutions available to them across the Ontex brands (iD, Lille, Kylie) Matter put together a Product Finder Selection-wizard that would lead to the recommended product solution for their requirements based on a number of factors such as: sex, level of liquid loss, and frequency of liquid loss throughout a day.

    The results of the Selection-wizard presents a selection of the best-fit product solutions as a guide for what a visitor should be looking at to handle their requirements.

    Request a Sample Form

    With Custom Functionality

    It was extremely important for the new website to look to improve the previous “Request a Sample” form interaction. The original form was very basic and provided just a basic outcome, we wanted the new form to remove a number of pain points that were currently acting as large time sinks for internal staff to manage sample request data.

    Matter did some custom coding work to pull the data from Gravity Forms “Request a Sample” submissions to a LIVE Synced online Sheet, also outputting the data in the required data order and providing filter and export options as well vastly improving the management and internal flow of this data and the control provided over it as well via the custom additions Matter supplied.

  • Ontex Healthcare

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