Point to Point Education

  • Taking teaching careers overseas


    Point to Point Education are a team of passionate recruitment experts with a broad and deep understanding of teacher recruitment. They harness this knowledge to successfully recruit for UK and International schools.


  • What Point to Point Education needed from their website was a responsive solution that allowed teachers and schools to easily find information relevant to them.

    The new website design needed to align with the existing branding material, but with a fresh look that would be flexible moving forward and align with the specific culture of Point To Point Education. We crafted a design system to ensure that the all pages of the website would align consistently to the brand guidelines and requirements.



    We settled on some simple, pill shaped buttons to match the rounded edges of the branding, with the notion that they would also contrast well with the harsh edges of some of the other components.

  • Technologies Used

    We used a range of technologies to build a high quality, professional website with the desired functionalities.

    • WordPress

      Content Management System

    • Sass

      CSS Pre-processing

    • GruntJS

      Javascript Task Runner

    • Advanced Custom Fields

      Multiple Content Types for WordPress

    Responsive Design

  • With a large chunk of their clients visiting from mobile devices, it was essential that the website was designed to load quickly and ensure users could easily find information, especially when they were out and about.

    The pages were designed to be very flexible, with specific attention spent on ensuring the components scaled properly on smaller screens. We prioritised the most important content and considered the journey of the user throughout the website.

  • Point to Point Education

    Curious? Don’t just take our word for it – head over to the website to see the results for yourself.