Why Blogging on Your Website Matters

Maintaining a blog on your website takes time and effort. Whether you are struggling to maintain a blog or you are considering starting one, you may be asking yourself the question ‘why bother?’. Well, I’m about to give you four pretty valuable reasons.

1. Search Engines and Blogs are friends

A blog is a great way to increase traffic and improve your search engine rankings. By regularly posting relevant content to your blog you can potentially improve your search engine rankings and therefore increase your chance of increasing traffic to your website. To optimise your blog posts for search engines you should make sure you use relevant keywords in the title and keep your blog posts relevant to your target audience. On WordPress there are also a range of SEO fields you can fill in when you post your blog, e.g. meta description and keywords.

2. Show People You Know Your Stuff

A blog will improve your credibility by showing people you know your stuff. It gives you the opportunity to write about topics relevant to your business. These topics could include news, tips, facts or informative articles. The more quality content you write the more you demonstrate knowledge and authority in your field. This can increase your conversion rate because when customers see you have a vast knowledge about your products or services they are more likely to want to do business with you.

3. Interact With Your Customers and Build Trust

A blog gives your business a human aspect that allows you to build relationships and build trust with your customers. Rather than just going to a website that has a list of products and services, a blog will give visitors something more personal to read. It gives your business a voice and the option of including comment boxes below your blog gives visitors the chance to interact with you.

4. A Blog is a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

A blog allows you to keep your customers updated with the latest news about your business for free. If you develop a new product or service you can quickly and easily write a blog post to inform your customers as well as adding it to your product/service list on the website. You can also post your blog articles to other social media such as Facebook or Twitter to improve the reach.