Time Saving Social Media Marketing

Social Media in essence is about making and maintaining connections.To do it well, you have to use it regularly. Trying to frequently update your blog(s), Facebook account, and LinkedIn account whilst also posting YouTube videos and tweeting is a daunting task.

Take courage – we have a few tips for you to promote your business online and to save enough time to make it feel easy.

The Social Media Connection Chart


Relationship 1

Connect Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn

Twitter has an activity sharing system in place with Facebook and LinkedIn. All your tweets can automatically be posted to your Facebook and LinkedIn account.


  • All your Facebook’s friends and Linkedin connections will be up to date with your latest tweets.
  • To share your tweets from one social media medium that sends them to two other more.


  • It can overwhelm your readers if they get the same message from your via three different mediums.

Relationship 2

Connect Facebook to Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn

Facebook has a status activity sharing system with Twitter and YouTube. Also it can easily get integrated with LinkedIn if you have your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts connected already.


  • Constant activity displayed on your profile page coming from Twitter (tweets) and YouTube (videos).
  • Video sharing interaction with your Facebook friends when you like or update a video to YouTube


  • Similarly as with the previous connections, this might overwhelm your readers if the content posted doesn’t interest them.

Relationship 3 

Connect YouTube to Facebook and Twitter

YouTube has a great activity sharing feature that lets you share your video activities (videos, comments, channel subscriptions) Facebook profile page and Twitter page.


  • All your video activity is shared with Facebook and Twitter which gives a potential of increasing the  number of views your videos get


  • Make sure the videos you share are related to your business or industry

Relationship 4

Connect LinkedIn with Twitter and Facebook

LinkedIn lets you add your Twitter account on your LinkedIn profile. You can then display a Twitter widget on your LinkedIn profile page and share tweets with your LinkedIn contacts or groups. You can also connect your Linkedin profile with your Facebook account and show your Linkedin profile on your Facebok profile page.


  • Keep your colleagues or professional connections up to date with your tweets.
  • Show and share with your Facebook friends updates to your LinkedIn profile (new job titles or a new company).


  • Be aware that your Linkedin connections might be more business or professional oriented than your Facebook ones.

Relationship 5 

Connect WordPress blogs with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

WordPres Blogs have the capability to send their feeds to social media portals such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. You can get the most of your social media relationships by connecting them with your blog. Every time you publish a new blog post, a message will get posted to your Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin profiles.


  • Blogs are the best way to cultivate your personal brand.
  • Keep reminding your contacts that you have a blog which they can read any time.

Do you do this?

Tell us what you think. Will these links work for you and your business? Comment below.