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    What do we offer?

      • The unbeatable combination of web design and SEO: A website that takes SEO seriously right from its inception will always perform better. We blend our coding mastery with our SEO passion to create websites that smash the rankings from day one.

      • A local, Australian based team: We’re right here, we’re local, we know how the Australian market works and that means we will perform better for your Australian business.

      • Data based decisions – understand the why behind our recommendations: Shooting blindly is all fun and games till someone loses an eye. We’re the straightest shooters on the web because we don’t do anything unless it’s backed up by cold, hard facts that we know will deliver results.

      • Proactive advice – advice when you need it, not just when you want it: Strike while the iron’s hot, because letting opportunities slip by has been the death knell of many a business. We let you know exactly when things need to get into motion to provide the best results.

      • Candid Recommendations – we call a spade a spade and provide you with an SEO plan that works: Want to surround yourself with yes-men that only tell you what you want to hear? Who will happily watch your business sink if it means avoiding confrontation? Look elsewhere. We tell you what will work and what won’t, no matter what.

      Having the best people in the business on your side can give you the leg up you need to take the fight to the competition. Real results are right here.

    Our SEO Process

    • Comprehensive Website Audits

      We will turn your website inside-out to identify any potential search engine obstacles. We’ll find site structure issues as well as potential Google penalties and provide answers on how to resolve them

      Keyword Research

      Keyword research provides the cornerstone for any SEO campaign, as ranking for the correct keywords is essential. Our SEO team will carefully assess your website and your target audience, presenting you with a list of the best keywords that will ensure your site receives targeted traffic which converts.

      Competitor Analysis

      A major part of our SEO process will involve analysing and knowing what your competitors are up to. Are they ranking higher than you? If so, why? We need to know exactly what you’re up against and what needs to be done to outrank your competition.

    • Advanced SEO & Analytics

      Our recommendations are based on data. If you don’t have the right metrics available, we will help you collect and understand them – from tracking conversions, monitoring your competition to segmenting your Google Analytics traffic to find opportunities for easy improvement.

      Technical Fixes & Optimisation

      Our web development and SEO teams have experience with a range of CMSes and can work with custom created websites too. This means we can both make the right SEO recommendations and also implement them correctly for your website, even if it’s a custom built one.

      Content Marketing Done Right

      A well-planned content marketing strategy can go hand-in-hand with your SEO efforts. Our content marketing team is experienced in content strategy, copywriting, graphic design, video production and digital PR. We’ll create and promote your content as both are crucial for a good return on investment.

    • Google Penalty Recovery

      One of our experts will carry out a full assessment of your backlink profile, analysing whether your site has been hit by a penalty or is at risk of being hit by one in the future. We can then report back on any issues and detail what is needed to help your site recover.

      Improving User Experience

      User experience is an increasingly important search engine ranking factor. Not only does your site have to provide good, relevant information, but there is also a need for it to look good and be user-friendly. We have a talented team of web designers and SEOs who will analyse your site and identify the areas that need work on, to improve the user experience.

      Link Acquisition

      Does your website need links but you’re not sure how to get them? A lot has changed in link building over the past several years – since 2014 quality trumps quantity. Talk to us and have an experienced team of Australian link-builders on your side.

    What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Testimonial_-_Brisbane_Snoring

    “The best marketing investment I’ve ever made!”

  • Testimonial_-_Brisbane_Snoring

    “Over the years I have worked with a few SEO companies. Most of them have been very disappointing. Finally, I have found a company that genuinely cares about my business. They have provided excellent service and contact with me. I can’t praise Daniel enough. He has gone the extra mile to set up an effective website and is monitoring and updating the SEO of our website. Thank you to the wonderful team of this company. I finally feel confident knowing that I have someone who will do the right thing by me.”

    Karen Dawson – About Face
  • Testimonial_-_Malouf_Dental

    “Have been working with the team at Matter Solutions for a while now and have found them to be very professional, genuine and helpful. Extremely happy with their service as they’ve gone above and beyond. Would definitely recommend!”

    James Malouf – Malouf Dentistry

    Clients We Have Worked With



  • 12x More Traffic In 4 Months

    The new website we created improved user experience, resulting in a 30% drop in bounce rate (from 70+% to ~40%). The improved bounce rate from the new website combined with our SEO efforts was rewarded by Google with an increase in organic traffic. We saw traffic rise by 12x in only 4 months (from June to October). The client is currently ranking #1 for a wide span of their main local keywords.

    40% Reduction In Bounce Rate

    When we started to SEO work for this client our main goal was to optimise the website to help reduce the bounce rate, which in return would help increase organic rankings. Within two months we were able to reduce the bounce rate of the website by 41%. We were also able to see a consistent increase in the traffic that was coming to the website.

    Page 4 To Position #4

    One of our dental SEO clients has a hard time moving their website to the first page of Google, even though they had been in business for a number of years. With the help from our SEO team, we were able to move his average rankings from page 4 to position 4 on the first page of Google. We were able to achieve this within 3 months of starting work for the client.

    Position #100 To Position #1

    Using techniques that have been tried and tested by Matter Solutions, we were able to increase this keyword from position 100 to 4 within 1 month. We were then able to move this keyword to the first position 4 months later and was still in position 1 two years later.

    Want similar results? Contact Us today and let us show you how we can drive your website to success with SEO.

    Other Services We Provide

    • Certified Google Partners

      Our experienced AdWords certified managers will ensure your campaign is optimised so that you get the best value for money.

      AdWords Management


    • logo-wordpress
      WordPress Developers

      We can build a custom web design solution to help meet your online needs and make your business stand out, enquire today.

      Website Design


    • social-media-icon
      Social Media Management

      Need help with your social media accounts? Not really sure what platform to use? Matter Solutions can help today.

      Social Media



    What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving a website in order to increase your website’s visibility in the search engines. This can be distilled down to considering just ranking in Google but there is more to it than that. SEO is a combination of creative, technical, and social techniques.

    Is it all about Google? Do you do SEO for the other search engines?

    Yes, basically. Google has such a dominant position with 80-90% of the search market that we usually focus on Google to acquire traffic for clients. In some particular markets a ranking in Bing can be especially valuable, i.e. retirement planning, but even then the focus remains on the big prize, ranking in Google.

    It is also worth noting that the sort of quality SEO services that work for ranking in Google, also work when trying to rank in most other search engines too, e.g. Bing or DuckDuckGo.

    How long does SEO take?

    SEO is a long-term strategy compared to other forms of advertising such as advertising in Google with AdWords.

    A successful SEO with a good budget can usually deliver good returns in 3 to 6 months. A really competitive keyword with a very weak website might take 1 or even 2 years.

    Do I only need to do SEO once?

    Google makes about 500 updates to their algorithm each year. This means that SEO that worked a year ago may no longer be effective today. Some low-quality SEO practices that work like a charm in years gone by or even still in the short term might seriously harm your business in the future. Be careful.

    How does your team keep up with the changes?

    Thankfully the heart of SEO doesn’t really change significantly, that is: What other people say about your website is more important than what you say. Working with this at the core we help clients make the right decisions about what to improve on their website. What changes will bring returns sooner or later, larger or smaller. There are usually many trade-offs and knowing your goals for your website and constant communication help us work with you to make the right recommendations and take the right action.

    We learn about the specific changes going on in the industry by following various thought-leaders in the industry, many of whom are in the US or Europe. If you’re interested in learning SEO for yourself please take a look at our one-day SEO course. There you’ll learn how to use Moz’s tools, Google’s Webmaster Tools and more.

    Why is SEO important for business?

    SEO is important for businesses as it will increase both your visibility and branding online. If done correctly, it is a very cost effective way to increase your online presence. Not only will it bring traffic to your website, increasing your search engine rankings, but also potentially lead to more conversions and sales for your business.

    Can I do SEO myself?

    Yes. There are many simple SEO techniques that you can apply for yourself. Our commitment to SEO training extends to helping clients (who want to) apply step by step procedures to enhance the work we do.

    It should be noted that some techniques can go from simple to complex very quickly. For example, analysing a website to find out what technical improvements to make is simple with Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool. Some changes might be easy for you to implement others might have you scratching your head and even finding out that your website designer doesn’t (after all) know SEO.

    Do I need any coding experience?

    No! There’s no need to be scared if you don’t have any coding experience or a high degree of technical knowledge to undertake SEO tasks. You just need an understanding of how a website works, how search engines respond to websites and the reasons why you are making certain changes.

    Can you guarantee the 1st position in Google?

    No. Over the years we’ve seen hundreds of so-called SEO experts come and go. The ones who disappear the fastest are the ones who resort to over promising. They win deals with glitter and shiny promises. The lack of decent budgets combined with shady ethics means they are left with no option than the easy tricks to get quick rankings.

    Clients are often happy at first and then when Google slaps their website with a penalty or just ignores all the bogus SEO work they’re left carrying the can. In many cases, the SEO company disappears and even blames the client for a low budget. Frankly, if you’re looking for a guaranteed SEO service Matter Solutions isn’t right for you.

    How much does SEO cost?

    The cost of SEO is dependent on a number of different points but the most important factor is the competition for the keyword(s) you want and need.

    SEO is one of those situations where “you get what you pay for” and cheap SEO can usually result in unsafe techniques, or not enough work. When you are talking to someone about the cost of SEO, make sure you go through what services are included in that cost.

    How do I know if it’s worth doing SEO?

    To know if it’s really worth doing SEO for your business, you have to consider the Return on Investment. SEO can have better ROI than other forms of traditional marketing, such as television and print advertising. This is due to the cheaper nature of the digital environment. SEO will help connect your business to the customers trying to find your product or services leading to more valuable sales.

    Is SEO safe?

    When SEO is done correctly it is safe and will help protect your website from future Google algorithms. When SEO is being implemented that goes against best practices – that is, when your website could be in danger. If a website is seen as trying to trick search engines, they will reduce your position in the organic rankings. In extreme cases where a website is doing bad techniques on a consistent level, search engines will actually give you a manual penalty, which will remove your website off search engines completely. Always make sure to speak with your SEO company about how they conduct SEO on your website.

    What results should I expect to see?

    Our SEO team will be able to help optimise your website that will see an increase in:

    • Traffic to your website
    • Keyword rankings specific to your business
    • Visibility across search engine results pages, and
    • Valuable sales leads.
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